The Wisconsin Medical Society has a long history of strong partnerships with organizations that support our mission and our members. We have a number of ways that your organization can partner with us:

  • Advertise with us. The Society has multiple publications and opportunities to get your message in front of our community. Opportunities include our e-newsletter Medigram, podcasts and our website.
  • Support an event. Great events need great partners. Join us for our Annual Meeting in April or our Chief Medical Officer Summit in October for opportunities to build relationships with our members. Whether as a vendor or an event sponsor, you will have opportunities to tell your story and engage with physicians.
  • Host a social hour. Physicians appreciate any break from their busy schedules to build fellowships with their peers. As a presenting sponsor, you can create a space for these caregivers to relax, engage and network, while sharing your story.
  • Become a WisMed Perks Partner. Help our physician members navigate costly and time-consuming decisions as a Preferred Partner. From selling a practice, to renting a car, our partners create value for our members every day.
  • Support Foundation programs. Sponsor programs of the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation that are improving health in Wisconsin by supporting a strong physician workforce, timely research and public health initiatives focused on disease prevention, access to care and more.

For more information on these and other partnership opportunities, please email Jim Lorence or call him at 608.442.3768.