The Wisconsin Medical Society is an individual membership organization formed to represent and unify Wisconsin physicians to advance the practice of medicine, improve the health of the public and support the enactment and enforcement of appropriate public policy. Volunteer physician leaders guide the organization through its policy-making processes, advance the Society’s mission and foster the principles of good governance.

Proposed Changes


The Society’s Board of Directors introduced a potential amendment to the Society’s Constitution to change the one-time-per-year policy process to a year-round endeavor. The proposed change would empower the Board with approval responsibilities and will engage more members in the policymaking process.

House of Delegates


The House of Delegates (HOD) is currently the Society’s policy-making body. It has authority to set policy, establish dues, adopt bylaws and elect officers. The HOD also is responsible for deliberating issues presented in the form of resolutions and, where appropriate, establishing organizational policy.

The HOD is composed of representatives from county medical societies, specialty sections, the young physician section, residents, students and others working together to improve the practice of medicine in Wisconsin.

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Board of Directors


The Society’s Board of Directors is comprised of Society officers (president, president-elect, immediate past president, speaker, vice speaker); 31 district directors; directors from each of the following sections: Medical Schools Section, Young Physician Section, Resident Physician Section and Medical students Section (2); and the Society chief executive officer. District directors are elected from each of eight districts.

The Board meets four times each year to implement policy approved by the House of Delegates, act on policy resolutions when the HOD is not in session, approve the Society budget and to shape and advance Society initiatives and its strategic plan.

AMA Delegation


The Wisconsin Medical Society is represented at the national level by an active delegation to the American Medical Association House of Delegates. Wisconsin’s delegates participate in the national policy-making process at AMA House of Delegates meetings and keep their colleagues informed about developments at the national level of organized medicine. The Society also has delegates in the AMA Young Physicians’ Section and the AMA Medical Student Section, which meet in conjunction with the AMA House of Delegates.

Constitution and Bylaws


The Wisconsin Medical Society’s Constitution and Bylaws provide the guiding principles for governance of the Society and its relationship with county medical societies. The documents provide the statement of purpose, the process for elections and representation as well as the process for the development of guiding policy for the organization and its members.