The Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) is pleased to announce that Wisconsin health care practices can now order personal protective equipment (PPE) from a reputable and certified bulk PPE supplier through ActionPPE. The project was launched by the Charleston County Medical Society in South Carolina. The Society, along with other state medical societies are coordinating joint orders of products including KN-95 masks, disposable masks and gowns on behalf of our state physicians and their practices. The Society is looking to add other PPE supplies in the future.  

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These products may be procured by any Wisconsin physician, their practices and all state health care providers. These products are available only to qualified medical personnel for use in their practices and are not available for resale. A minimum order of $500 is required; there is no maximum. To maintain bulk pricing, orders will be placed once the minimum is reached. At that time, the Society expects to receive the shipment within 14-17 days. The product will be received in Madison, separated by order and available for pick-up.  All orders placed are final and there are no refunds or cancellations.

Ordering Guidelines

  • To ensure manufacturing capacity for all who need PPE, please consider your actual practice needs when placing an order. As a general guideline, we recommend a PPE order sufficient to last 60 days.
  • All orders will be picked up in the Madison area. You will be notified of the exact location as soon as delivery of the product has been confirmed. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • If you place orders for different PPE products, they might not arrive at the same time due to varying production schedules. We will email you as each item of PPE arrives so you can make arrangements for pickup.
  • Any questions? Please review the FAQ below or email Wisconsin Medical Society We will try to respond as promptly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a minimum order of $500?

Yes, if the $500 minimum is more product than you require, we encourage you to partner with a local colleague to order.

What are the costs?

  1. You must have a PPE minimum order of $500.
  2. A necessary processing fee will be calculated upon checkout.

May I add to, subtract from or cancel my order after it has already been paid for?

Unfortunately not. Once the paid for electronic submission is made we do not have the ability to make any alterations. You are welcome to place a new order that meets the $500 minimum requirement if in need of more product.

What PPE items are available?

KN95 Respirator Masks, Disposable Masks (Class I) and Disposable Gowns are available.

Why can’t WisMed pay for shipping as a member benefit?

The bulk ordering project took significant time and resources to procure. Our members’ dues dollars pay for the organization’s resources dedicated to managing and maintaining this opportunity. WisMed does not have a budget line to pay for shipping costs for PPE.

I just saw the PPE announcement; how do I order?

This is a service we are offering to the physicians and health care providers of the state of Wisconsin. Click here to go to the PPE ordering portal.

When will I get my order?

Once we reach a critical number of orders, we expect to receive the shipment within 14-17 days of bulk order placement. We will email you as each item of PPE arrives so you can make arrangements for pickup.

What do I need to bring with me to pick up my order?

You will be asked to provide identifying information when placing an order. At pick up, please be prepared to provide your driver’s license, and if necessary, verification of your relationship to the purchaser. Any purchase that cannot be verified may be rejected and the PPE withheld.

How are the prices set?

Prices are set by the independent third-party manufacturer and supplier. Prices are fair and cost competitive for the quantities that end consumers are purchasing. Across the supply chain, raw material input costs are up, factory pricing even in 1M unit orders is several times what it was 6 months ago.

WisMed is receiving absolutely no compensation for making this service available. If you can find PPE at a cheaper price, please share your information and we will make it available via our website.

I am concerned about the quality of the KN95, can you tell me about the manufacturer?

Over 40% of the world’s masks are made in China. Unfortunately, many N95 and KN95 are fake and do not meet NIOSH or CE specifications. This has rightfully caused a huge concern among care providers. Be careful not to purchase fake masks. More information about mask quality can be found here.

The KN95 masks provided via ActionPPE are manufactured by Anhui Moke Medical Technology Co., Ltd. in Anhui province, China under the brand name MOKE KN95.


WisMed and ActionPPE are offering this service to provide access to an independent third-party manufacturer and supplier of PPE during the COVID-19 emergency. Neither WisMed nor ActionPPE have altered the products sold in any way. As such, WisMed and ActionPPE cannot guarantee proper or timely fulfillment of any of the items ordered, and no claims, representations, or warranties, whether expressed or implied, are made by either WisMed or ActionPPE as to the safety, reliability, durability, and performance of any of the products. Furthermore, WisMed and ActionPPE accept no liability whatsoever for the safety, reliability, durability, and performance of the products.

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