2024 Membership
Physician Dues: $490 + County Dues
Student Dues: $10 + County Dues
Resident/Fellow Dues: $15 + County Dues
Or buy two years get the third 50% off!
Group Membership: Discounted pricing is available, please contact [email protected] for more information.
2024 Membership
Physician Dues: $490 + County Dues
Student Dues: $10 + County Dues
Resident/Fellow Dues: $15 + County Dues
Or buy two years get the third 50% off!
Group Membership: Discounted pricing is available, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Member Testimonials

The medical profession is one of the greatest callings. At the Wisconsin Medical Society, we are committed to improving the health of all individuals in Wisconsin, and across the country, and to helping our colleagues deliver high quality care to Wisconsin communities. We are also committed to inspiring the next generation of physician leaders. Join us.

Don S. Lee, MD
President, Wisconsin Medical Society

I’ve met many physicians across the state, and am impressed that through the diversity of backgrounds and areas of medicine, we all share dedication to the profession and to take the best care of our patients. We have large issues before us, but as physicians we join together dedicated to care for the people of Wisconsin. I welcome all physicians to join the Wisconsin Medical Society and be a part of that voice.

Cynthia Hart, MD, FAAFP
President-elect, Wisconsin Medical Society

As physicians we spend our time caring for others and often put our own needs last. The Society brings physicians together and helps us advocate for ourselves and our patients. The more involved I become, the more I realize the Society has to offer – physician advocacy, financial planning, insurance programs, CME, mentoring and leadership development. The Society puts us, as physicians, first and foremost – making sure we are well-supported so we can continue to support our patients.

Wendy Molaska, MD, FAAFP
Past President, Wisconsin Medical Society

Throughout my career in medicine I have seen physician opportunities for collegial interaction decline precipitously. Participation in our local and state medical societies provides a venue for engagement with colleagues outside of our respective healthcare systems which promotes physician wellbeing and networking. This engagement is essential for being the best physicians we can be for the patients in our communities. I would encourage all of my colleagues spend some time with your local medical society once a quarter for a good meal and collegiality!

Thomas Ivan Joles, MD

As a medical student, I joined the Wisconsin Medical Society as the UW student representative to the board of directors with a clear intention – to advocate for my patients. What I found is a group of individuals who share a passion for advocacy, allowing us to collectively make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Greigory Dimailig
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Medical Student

Being a member of the Wisconsin Medical Society and the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation has allowed me the opportunity to connect with other physicians throughout the state of Wisconsin. This has provided insight to the shared concerns and struggles that we face together as a medical community. The Society represents our values and is a much-needed force for our advocacy. Additionally, I have continued my professional development through some of the leadership opportunities available through the Society.

Jose A Ortiz, Jr, MD
President, Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation
Eau Claire

The Wisconsin Medical Society and Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation feel like my home away from home. I have such wonderful friends and colleagues through these organizations. They represent avenues for me to efficiently and effectively participate in advocacy, leadership, teaching and philanthropy. They are highly respected organizations in our state and across the country, and it makes me proud to be a member.

Claudia L. Reardon, MD
Past President, Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation

Membership in Brown County Medical Society and the Wisconsin Medical Society allows physicians to have a unified voice from a local level on important policy initiatives. In addition, it allows for social interaction amongst physicians from different organizations which would never otherwise happen.

Robert Moyer, MD
President, Brown County Medical Society
HSHS St Mary's Health Center
Green Bay

Membership in the Wisconsin Medical Society provides me a direct connection to other local physicians who are also working to provide excellent patient care – both at the bedside and through advocacy work. I would strongly encourage all early career physicians to pursue membership as it is a wonderful way to get involved and serve your community.

Sarah Yale, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Medical College of Wisconsin/Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

I am a member of the Wisconsin Medical Society to advocate for the profession of Medicine, to foster collegial relationships among my fellow physicians, and to mentor those coming after me. Each of these is integral to fully participating in the profession of medicine as a physician. In advocacy, the Wisconsin Medical Society amplifies our collective voices and social authority to speak out on topics important to the profession and the health of our patients and to advance our mission of healthy people and communities. Through collegiality, the Wisconsin Medical Society helps physicians to engage with and support each other through the unique experiences and ever-demanding tasks of caregiving for our patients. And, in mentoring those who seek to enter the profession, the Wisconsin Medical Society helps to pass along the knowledge and responsibility of this profession to those who will take on the title of physician.

Robert William Sedlacek, MD

Physicians need an organized voice to protect the health of our patients. The Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) empowers me to connect with thousands of physicians around the state on the issues that matter to me so we can work collectively to improve the health of the public. Since medical school I have appreciated how the Society actively encourages participation not only in setting Society policy and the direction of its work but also in executing that work. I've found the Wisconsin Medical Society staff to be continually available and helpful when I need guidance in that work. Now more than ever, physicians need to speak with a collective voice to protect the health of our patients and the community. The Wisconsin Medical Society helps us do that.

Joel Charles, MD, MPH
Soldiers Grove

I am proud to be a member of the Wisconsin Medical Society. I value the representation the Society provides me as well as opportunities to be involved with advocacy and leadership through the many venues that are provided to members. The comradery offered by attending county and state meetings is very welcome and serves as an antidote to burnout. I can’t be too strong in my encouragement for physicians to join the Society and get involved in organized medicine.

Donn Dexter, MD
Wisconsin Medical Society Board of Directors
Eau Claire

The Wisconsin Medical Society is the respected voice of Wisconsin physicians, especially to state and federal legislators and government agencies. However, the Society cannot do that job without support and input from its membership. Physicians can no longer assume that “someone else will do the job”. The Society needs all physicians to join, whether they are solo practitioners, members of a small single-specialty group, or employed by a multi-specialty clinic or a large hospital-based system.

Paul Larson, MD
Vice Chair, Wisconsin Medical Society Board of Directors

I have really enjoyed being involved with the Waukesha County Medical Society and the Wisconsin Medical Society. I have met so many physicians outside my specialty and outside my home institutions. I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to meet these people and enjoy the camaraderie developed with my fellow physicians. I have become a more well-rounded physician thanks to these interactions with my peers.

Tracy McCall, MD
Past-President, Waukesha County Medical Society
Former Vice Speaker of the House, Wisconsin Medical Society
Lake Country Plastic and Hand Surgery SC

The most important reason to me to be a member of the Wisconsin Medical Society is advocacy. Every day there are people lobbying against the interests of physicians and the ability for us to provide care to our patients. We must be at the table and have a strong voice!

Brad Burmeister, MD, FACEP
Brown County Medical Society, Board Member at Large
Wisconsin Medical Society Board of Directors
Green Bay Emergency Medicine Services SC At Bellin Hospital
Green Bay

There are so many things a physician is in charge of in day-to-day life. I need an organization that can streamline my powers and time to be the most effective as possible in supporting doctors and patients. We are fighting scope creep, we are fighting powerful organizations that put profits of a few above the many patients and physicians our health care system should support, among other political pressures. The Wisconsin Medical Society does this as no other organization in our state does with excellent staff in many capacities and avenues to bring important things effectively to physician attention.

Amy Doherty, DO
Wisconsin Medical Society Board of Directors

During my 30 years of practicing medicine in Wisconsin, I witnessed first hand how supporting physicians directly improved patient care. Institutions such as the Wisconsin Medical Society can be a channel for physicians from many communities to learn from each other and thrive in an ever-changing society. Whether medical, political, technological or even financial, many aspects of health care are outside of the physical caring for patients that we are trained for. The Society can help with all of these issues. Becoming involved with the Society was a way for me to learn how to help my health system and help the greater WI community. Networking with professionals in order to help colleagues and improve patient care was always an interest of mine. The Wisconsin Medical Society is an invaluable resource and home for all physicians. I encourage others to take advantage of opportunities the Society provides.

Ken Klein, MD
Wisconsin Medical Society Board of Directors

The Wisconsin Medical Society has a strong desire to support physicians and improve care, outcomes and experiences for everyone in Wisconsin. I have enjoyed the opportunity to network with and learn from other physicians from across the state and be part of impactful advocacy efforts. If you want to make a difference for your patients and your practice, I strongly encourage joining the Wisconsin Medical Society!

Robyn Borge, MD
Wisconsin Medical Society Board of Directors
La Crosse

As a student representative, I believe membership with the Wisconsin Medical Society is important because it gives me the opportunity to shape what the future of medicine will look like for our community. It is an avenue that allows me to be a part of a collective voice that advocates for the implementation of equitable health initiatives within our community.

Megan Barthels
Medical College of Wisconsin – Green Bay Medical Student
De Pere

I am a member of the Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) because I believe that now more than ever, physicians need a strong voice in health care and in our communities. From the COVID-19 pandemic to affordable insurance to equitable access to health care, the Society has consistently led with science, compassion and integrity. The Society supports our patients, amplifies the physician’s role as a trusted advisor and unites the physician community for a higher purpose.

John R. Raymond, Sr., MD
President and CEO, Medical College of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wausau

The Wisconsin Medical Society keeps me informed about issues across my state and provides me a way to make sure my voice is heard.

Andrew Calvin, MD, MPH
Wisconsin Medical Society Board of Directors
Eau Claire

My name is Erik Gundersen. I am a family physician in La Crosse and have been in full time practice for over 25 years. I first joined the Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) as a Medical Student. I became involved with the Society Task Force on Health Care Reform and have been active ever since. I have served on the La Crosse County Medical Society Board of Directors, Wisconsin Medical Society Board of Directors, the Society Foundation Board of Directors and numerous other Society Committees.

Membership in the Society puts you on a course of lifelong professional development. There are opportunities for continuing medical education, leadership development, political advocacy and personal growth. The people you meet along the way perpetually remind you why you entered the profession of medicine. There is a positive energy to make a difference.

As a physician, you are in a very unique position. You are on the front lines of patient care most every day. The needs of your patient transcend your specialty affiliation or hospital group. Physicians know first-hand the struggles of their patients. The Wisconsin Medical Society, in addition to advocating for physicians, is especially focused on improving the health of the people of Wisconsin. In order to improve the delivery of care, physicians must be heard, be strong and be secure. Your membership in the Wisconsin Medical Society helps you take better care of your patients and achieve your professional goals.

Erik Gundersen, MD, MA, FAAFP
Past President, Wisconsin Medical Society
La Crosse

To my physician colleagues in Wisconsin:

I am writing to you to endorse the Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) and to encourage your membership in this critical organization for the future of our profession here in Wisconsin. I realize that there are many demands on your time and resources and “belonging to yet another group” may not be highest on your priority list, especially in these extremely challenging times. However, the Society is the singular organization in Wisconsin, and really the nation, that understands the needs of Wisconsin physicians. The Society has advocated in numerous ways for Wisconsin physicians and has brought great value to the practice of medicine in this state. As the Dean of the School of Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin I have personally been a member of the Society because I recognize its importance and because I know they are committed to the future of our profession. I hope you will join me as a member of the Wisconsin Medical Society!

Joseph E. Kerschner, MD
Dean of the School of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Medical Society unites physicians from different regions and various specialties into a collective voice for our profession. It offers leadership opportunities, camaraderie and advocacy at a local and state level, and is a unique and valuable resource for physicians in our state. Together our voices are stronger!

Alicia Arnold, MD
Immediate Past President, Wisconsin Medical Society
MD Interpretation 
Eau Claire

I joined the Wisconsin Medical Society shortly after separating from the United States Navy Medical Corps and settling into a rural central Wisconsin practice in 1990, my introduction to "civilian" practice. I joined to collaborate with like-minded physicians on ways that we could support each other in our vision to advocate care for our patients and provide governmental advocacy for the practice of medicine. I feel that the Society helps bring physicians together to keep our medical landscape safer for our patients and to keep a stable practice environment which helps attract top-notch physicians to Wisconsin. I attribute this rewarding practice environment to the successes the Society has had advocating for physicians and patients.

David M. Hoffmann, MD, FAAFP
Member of the Executive Board of Directors WMS and Chair of the Membership Committee

One of the very first things I did after moving to Wisconsin in 2006 (after getting my driver’s license, but even before registering my car) was to join the Wisconsin Medical Society (Society). Why? Because while the adage “all politics are local” might be a bit of an overstatement, I believe that state public policies have an enormous impact on our patients, and on our capacity to serve them. The Society has a long and effective tradition of advocacy in support of the patients and populations that Wisconsin physicians serve. At the time, I had not yet learned what I soon discovered: that our Medical Society also is incredibly important in supporting the training of our future physician workforce, with an impressive array of services that benefit medical students at both the UW School of Medicine and Public Health and at the Medical College of Wisconsin. For these, and other reasons, I encourage all Wisconsin physicians to join me in joining the Wisconsin Medical Society.

Robert N. Golden, MD
Dean, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin

There is a great sense of isolation today in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Isolation for physicians was already an issue due to increasing professional stress. Where does a doctor find support for the rigors of medicine? The Wisconsin Medical Society was created for that role. Take advantage of being the focus of an established advocate for physicians and join the Wisconsin Medical Society.

George “Chip” Morris, MD, FAAN
Past President, Wisconsin Medical Society