In a major effort to empower more members in shaping Wisconsin Medical Society (Society) policies, the Society has launched WisMed PolicyLink – an online resource available 24/7/365 to members for submitting health care policies the Society should include in its health care advocacy. The new tool will further enhance the Society’s status as a health care leader, offering member physicians a much more accessible and convenient way to promote high quality patient care and support physicians’ ability to practice medicine.

The Society’s previous policymaking system required proposals to be acted upon just once per year at an in-person meeting – following a decades-old tradition that also required ideas to be presented in Resolution form, with specific style requirements rooted more in tradition than utility. PolicyLink is a more free-form experience, with the ability to share information about the proposal, why it’s needed and how the new policy’s language should read. Members can also attach background information or other materials that help justify the proposal’s merit.

Once an idea is submitted into PolicyLink, other members can review the proposal and provide reaction. After that comment period, the proposal and feedback will be analyzed by a new Policy Review Committee (PRC), made of members from around the state. The PRC will make a recommendation to the Society’s Board of Directors on whether the proposal should be approved, rejected or amended. Members will be able to vote on whether they think the Board’s decision is correct.

The Society is the latest in a growing list of state medical societies to transition to a more modern and inclusive policymaking process. You must be logged in through your member credentials in order to access PolicyLinkContact us for assistance with logging in. Contact Mark Grapentine, JD with any questions or suggestions.

2020 Governance Modernization

At the 2019 House of Delegates (HOD) meeting in April, 2019, the Society’s Board of Directors (Board) unanimously introduced a potential amendment to the Society’s Constitution aimed at improving the Society’s policymaking structure. The HOD approved a change from the one-time-per-year policymaking approval process to a year-round endeavor, better reflecting the pace at which health care policy is debated and voted on in Madison and Washington, D.C. The change also allows more members to regularly engage in the policymaking process through use of the Society’s technology platforms at times when convenient for members – not a specific set of dates at an annual event in a specific location.

Proposed governance structure and process

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