WISMedDIRECT—the Society’s conduit—is like having your own political checking account at the Society. YOU control your contributions. If you want to attend a political fundraiser or send money to a candidate, let us know and we’ll send the contribution (from your funds) on your behalf. When we receive solicitations to campaigns we think you might support, we will provide you that information as well. The best part is you get the credit as your name appears on the letter we send with the check and so does the Society for collecting and aggregating the contribution to the candidate or committee. It’s really a win-win.

To contribute online, log in to fill in your payment details and then fill out the form below. To mail your contribution, download and print a contribution form. Contributions can be made either with a check or credit card. If you send your credit card information, you may select a one-time contribution or designate multiple contributions throughout the year.

To learn more about these political programs, contact Heidi Green at 608.442.3720.

WISMedDIRECT Contributions
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